"We focus our interest in contemporary art and promote initiatives involving major national and international cultural agents"

These are our objectives and commitments


We promote the work in red and we constitute it in a platform for debate, exchange of ideas and reflection within the artistic field. Likewise, we promote and encourage the development of exhibition projects of interest, with an aim on studying possible opportunities for collaboration.


Our commitment is with people, with artists who are passionate, strive to continue growing and do not cease in the search for new formulas of knowledge and artistic expression.

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Artist Book

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VIII Ankaria Artist Book Award

Committed to creation and art, the Foundation has now reached the eighth edition of an award that has already been consolidated as an international reference. Open to different languages and formats, this award becomes a unique opportunity to promote and disseminate the artist’s book, which grows with each new edition, bringing new features to the …

Mayra Martell wins the First Ankaria Photo Prize

The documentary photographer Mayra Martell (Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, 1979) is the winner of the first edition of the International Award “Ankaria Photo”. The winning project includes the work carried out by Mayra Martell since 2017 around the Mexican region of Sinaloa and the world of drug trafficking, which generates around it “lifestyles, values, expressions, music …

The Ankaria Foundation announces “Ankaria Photo”, the First International Photography Prize of the XXI Century

The Ankaria Foundation announces “Ankaria Photo”, the First International Photography Prize of the XXI Century, open to the participation of visual artists from anywhere in the world, with unpublished photographic projects or developed in the last three years, to explore new expressive ways for this language. The organization of the award emphasizes that it will …

Carlos Irijalba winner of the VII Ankaria Artist Book Award

The awarded piece consists of a reflection over a concept known as exaptation, coined by the South African paleontologist Elisabeth Vrba. Starting off with metallic foam as working material, conceived during the 60`s for human protheses purposes, the artist has created a book made up of 24 unique pieces, same number of ribs the human …

VII Ankaria Artist Book Award

The VII Ankaria Artist Book prize is summoned. This prize takes on this VII edition at a moment when the foundation compromises more than ever with the artistic world and its creators. It pretends to cover a great variety of plastic and technical languages, as a consequence of embracing different artists, and it is revealed …

Transversia: a pioneer initiative of international cooperation in the field of art

The Ankaria Foundation develops since the last two years the Transversia program, a pioneer initiative of international cooperation within the field of artistic creation, that allows young artist to explore new paths of experimentation arisen from the encounter with other creators and create meeting points with the artistic ecosystem. Till this date, two editions of …

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