“We also plan our interest in the field of Society and Politics.”

These are our objectives and commitments


We establish ourselves as a meeting place for intellectuals and experts from the highest levels to confront ideas and proposals on matters of particular social relevance.


We organize courses and seminars in collaboration with other institutions and forums and regularly promote the presence of leading figures in social, political, economic and cultural development.

First edition of “No limits for talent”

The Ankaria Foundation, in collaboration with the university institution CUNEF, has set motion to informative activities, with the participation of important figures from the professional and business world,  which aim to serve as orientation and inspiration to the young students taking on the last stage of their education before incorporating themselves to the working world. …

No limits for talent

Jornada enfocada a la transmisión de valores entre los jóvenes universitarios, tanto personales como profesionales, a través de tres temas fundamentales: Motivación. La necesidad de fortalecer creencias y habilidades para el logro de objetivos personales y profesionales. Liderazgo. La importancia de la actitud y los valores como palancas de superación para la consecución de metas. …

Book presentation. “Una vida plena”

Presentation of the book “Una vida plena”, at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, as a tribute of Ankaria’s founder Mr. Javier Rosón Pérez. More than forty characters of the cultural, political and business scene of Spain have paid homage to the entrepreneur Javier Rosón Pérez (Becerreá, Lugo, 1938 -Río de Janeiro, 2016) …

III Ankaria Award

Connect with the principles underlying its institutional activity, convenes the III Ankaria Award for the best article of thought on politics and society. The prize consists of writing an essay with a length ranging between 700 and 750 words, in the form of newspaper article on the present and future family theme in Spain. The …

Family and society at Spain in the 21st century

In the Spanish current situation it has been showing a growing litigation in various areas: social, school, work, education, marriage and family. In this context, the mediation is presented as a great alternative support for the resolution and improving the various conflicts. The Ankaria Foundation organizes a conference where the issue of the need for …

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