First edition of “No limits for talent”

Abriendo nuevas perspectivas a los jóvenes en su orientación al mercado laboral

The Ankaria Foundation, in collaboration with the university institution CUNEF, has set motion to informative activities, with the participation of important figures from the professional and business world,  which aim to serve as orientation and inspiration to the young students taking on the last stage of their education before incorporating themselves to the working world.

In the first edition of this program, No Limits For Talent held over 300 people, between students and professionals, to hear the teachings of coach and physical trainer Toni Nadal, inspiration and accomplice in the success of tennis player Rafa Nadal; Microsoft`s president for Latin America, Cesar Cernuda and businessman and trainer, Jacobo Parages.

In this occasion, the speakers touched on interesting aspects, lately widely spoken within the business environment, such as the necessity to reinforce believes and skills to achieve personal and professional objectives, or the importance of attitude and values as means of overcoming adversity to meet goals. All of it, intertwined with the interesting life testimonies based on their own experiences the speakers offered.

The activity was moderated by economic journalist Paz Alvarez, responsible for the Business Management pages in the Cinco Dias newspaper.

As it occurs with the rest of the activities the Ankaria Foundation carries out, with the goal to attract the largest amount of people, access to the No Limits For Talent activity was completely free.

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